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•           I have read the Share Offer document and accept the terms of the Share Offer and the Rules of Grimsby Community Energy Limited.
•           I consent to using the email address above as the primary means of communication for official documents from Grimsby Community Energy Limited.
•           I will provide any additional information on request from the Society in connection with this Application (including any information to provide the Society with satisfactory evidence of my identity)
•           I understand that the cheque supporting this application (if sent) will be presented for payment upon receipt and I warrant that it will be paid on first presentation.

I understand that:
•           This Application may be withdrawn if a supplementary Share Offer document is issued, but not otherwise.
•           If and when accepted by the Society forms a contract subject to English & Welsh law on the Terms and Conditions of the Share Offer document
•           An Applicant who is not a UK resident is responsible for ensuring that this Application complies with any laws or regulations applicable outside the UK to which they are subject, and that they will need to provide a UK based bank account.
•           If the Offer is oversubscribed it is possible that an otherwise eligible Application will not be accepted in part or in whole.   If undersubscribed the payment will be returned.
•           Checks may be made due to anti money laundering regulations.

The data that you provide on this application form will be stored within a computerised database by Grimsby Community Energy Limited. Your information will only be used for the purposes of this Share Offer and will not be disclosed to any third party.