Share Offer Extension

Grimsby Community Energy are pleased to announce an extension to our latest share offer. The extension will allow us to continue to raise funds until Saturday 5 December 2023. This extension will enable Grimsby Community Energy more time to complete the objectives set out in the share offer.

The 2023 share offer went live in June, and has received significant investment from the local community, businesses and trust funds. As of August 31 2023, Grimsby Community Energy have received enough investments to complete YMCA Humber’s 1 Orwell street building, alongside two buildings at CATCH Training Apprenticeship Centre Stallingborough.

Grimsby Community Energy currently has 200 kW of solar PV on buildings across North East Lincolnshire. The latest share offer will add an additional 436 kW of solar PV, more than tripling our generation capacity.

Vicky Dunn, managing director of Grimsby Community Energy said “I am excited to announce this extension and believe that with continued hard work, we can deliver the full project. This is the biggest project Grimsby Community Energy has coordinated and will be a big milestone on our journey towards owning 1 megawatt.”

If you would like to get involved, please have a look on our website, also look out for webinars, and events happening soon.