Introducing Steve Rusling: A Seasoned Communications and Development Officer Joins Grimsby Community Energy 

Grimsby Community Energy, a leading organisation dedicated to bringing community energy projects to the Grimsby area, is pleased to announce the appointment of Steve Rusling as their new part-time Communications and Development Officer. With an impressive background in communications and marketing, including years of experience as Communications and Marketing Manager, Steve brings a wealth of expertise to further enhance the organisation’s outreach and development efforts. 

As Grimsby Community Energy continues to expand its mission to reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions for local organisations such as St Andrew’s Hospice, E-Factor, The Rock Foundation and YMCA Humber whilst delivering returns to its members. Steve Rusling’s appointment represents a strategic move to strengthen the organisation’s communications and development initiatives. With his comprehensive knowledge of effective marketing strategies and extensive experience in the digital realm, Steve will play a vital role in elevating the organisation’s visibility, engaging stakeholders, and driving future support. 

“We are delighted to welcome Steve Rusling to the Grimsby Community Energy team,” said Dr Vicky Dunn, Managing Director of Grimsby Community Energy. “His proven track record in the field of communications and marketing, coupled with his passion for sustainable energy, makes him an ideal fit for our organisation.  

As the new part-time Communications and Development Officer, Steve will be responsible for developing and implementing strategic communication plans, managing media relations, and overseeing the organisation’s branding and messaging. Furthermore, he will actively engage with community partners, stakeholders, and supporters to foster collaboration and strengthen the organisation’s network. Steve’s role will be pivotal in driving community engagement, raising awareness about renewable energy initiatives, and attracting further support for Grimsby Community Energy. 

“I am honoured to join Grimsby Community Energy and contribute to their remarkable work to bringing community energy projects to the Grimsby area” said Steve Rusling. “I believe that effective communication plays a crucial role in inspiring positive change, and I am excited to leverage my experience to amplify the organisation’s message and engage with the community. Together, we can drive meaningful progress towards a greener and more sustainable future.” 

Grimsby Community Energy is confident that Steve Rusling’s appointment will bring a fresh perspective to their communications and development strategies, empowering the organisation to achieve new milestones in promoting renewable energy adoption and community engagement. With his extensive experience and passion for sustainability, Steve is poised to make a significant impact on Grimsby’s energy landscape.